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Top features

Everything in one place

Have access to all your flight tickets in one place and use them when you need.
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Always informed

Get notified about every change in real time. Your flight is delayed or cancelled? You will receive a notification with information what your next steps should be. Your gate changed? No problem, we will notify you about it as well. Never feel alone again, wherever in the world you are.
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Automatic check-in

Tired or frustrated of doing a check-in where you need to go through 10 steps before you finish it? Good news, we will do that for you. The only thing you need to do is to enter your passport or national card ID, and you’re all set.
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Check compensation

Our system verifies your issue and eligibility to be compensated. In case you are eligible, we can claim your issue on your behalf and litigate with the airline for your compensation between €250 and €600. Yes, we are serious and the best thing is that the price of the plane ticket doesn't matter. The amount of compensation is determined based on distance.
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Is it going to be free?

Yes, features that are shown will be free of charge, no paid subscription is needed. However, we take 30% of your compensation in case you have any eligible issue.

What kind of notifications will I get?

All sorts of information, like maximum luggage size and weight, recommended time to arrive at the airport, when your flight check-in opens, what your rights are when some disruption occurs or when you are eligible for a compensation.

How will automatic check-in work?

It will be as simple as it sounds. You provide us the minimum required information and we will handle it for you.

Why are you doing it?

Because there's no complex solution available for aviation passengers right now.

Are you planning to add any other features?

Absolutely. The unfairness when passengers are left alone at the airport and the urge to help solve these kinds of situations as smoothly as we can makes us think big about many new features that we would like to add in the near future.

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