Flywize was created by three enthusiasts who believe that they can change how aviation passengers around Europe are treated when flight issues occur while they travel. Flywize helps solve flight issues such as flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding or lost/damaged luggage on passengers’ behalf. According to EU law, aviation passengers are protected and can get financial compensation between 250-600€ for their inconveniences (mentioned above).

85% of affected aviation passengers do not have an idea what they can do when these issues occur, and that's why they are losing their compensation.

What is the process, and how do you get compensation?

Passengers always have two choices, sort it by themselves or by claiming agency (that’s us 😉). If the passenger chooses to solve this situation by himself, he needs to find a claim form on the airline website and fill it out. Please remember that the airline will always try to make you agree to get a voucher as it's more convenient for them.

What is the process, and how do you get compensation?

For those who don’t want to lose their time and energy from the tricky airlines, it is best to use a claiming agency. Claiming agencies usually have 3rd parties data, so they know why flight disruption happened and if a passenger is eligible to get compensation, with an accuracy of 97%.

How does it work to claim through Flywize?

The process is pretty easy. The passenger must go on the website, fill out the form and wait for an answer from us. As the first thing, our experts analyze if the issue is eligible to get compensation. If so, we start a negotiation with the airline on the passenger's behalf. In case the passenger is not eligible, we will inform him why.

How does it work to claim through Flywize?

How long does it take to get compensation if a passenger is eligible?

Firstly, passengers must fill out the form and all information correctly. Then, we don’t need to chase them for other documentation. Also, the process is much quicker.

Secondly, the whole process may take from 2 weeks up to 6 months. It depends on how many issues are going on and how busy the airline is, as the airline has 30 days to reply. Such a negotiation with them may take a while.

As we mentioned earlier, an unbelievable 85% of aviation passengers lose their compensation yearly. Why? We wrote down the three most common reasons.

  1. they don't know their rights
  2. they don't know how to do it
  3. they give up as the process is long
Did you know? You can claim your compensation from 1 to 10 years back, depending on the country.

Claiming period to get compensation varies. The average period is three years back. On top of that, we can always claim the compensation in 3 different countries - in the country passengers flew from, flew to, or in the country where the airline is based. So, if the passenger didn't claim their compensation immediately at the airport, it doesn't mean he lost his rights already.

we can always claim the compensation in 3 different countries.

To sum it up,

As we mentioned, passengers have different choices on how they can get compensation for their flight issues. Either way, we hope that passengers decide to claim their compensation, as it’s their right.

If passengers want to save time, energy and money, we can sort out all the issues on their behalf. Filling the form is quick as it takes between 5 to 10 minutes. On top of that, at this moment, we are charging only a 20% success fee (10-15% less than other claiming agencies) - so don’t miss it!

We hope that your flight won’t have any inconveniences, but in case it does, we are here to help. 😉