Luggage issue

Luggage is considered lost after 21 days, after this period you can be financially compensated. In the European Union the compensation can be up to €1.220, however in the USA the amount is between $1.525 and $3.500.

Luggage issue should be reported at the airport immediately. Contact us at so we can assist you.

Information you will find on this page:

Damaged luggage

  • Get ready your boarding pass and your checked luggage receipts.
  • Report the damage as soon as possible. Up to 7 days.
  • Fill out a damage claim form, or Property Irregularity Report.
  • Do not forget to take a picture of your baggage.

Delayed luggage

If you’re missing your luggage after arrival, the first phase will be considered delayed luggage. If the airline does not deliver your luggage within 21 days, then the status will change from delayed to lost.
  • Fill out a Property Irregularity Report.
  • Track your luggage using your file reference number that you get.
  • Keep your receipts if you have to replace necessary items. These include items like toiletries or underwear things that were in your bags that you can’t really do without for a few days. Once you file a claim, you can get reimbursed for these expenses.
  • File a claim with the airline once your luggage shows up.

Lost luggage

In European Union maximum amount of compensation goes up to EUR 1.220.
  • Claim your compensation with your receipts from buying necessary (toiletries or underwear—things that were in your bags that you can’t really do without for a few days). This applies only to destinations outside the territory where you have your permanent residence. At your home destination, you are presumed to be able to gain access to your things as part of your residence.
  • Assemble a detailed list of contents for your lost bags. If you made a picture of your luggage before travel, add those pictures as well.

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