Price list

1. General provisions

All capitalised terms provided in the Price List are described in detail in Flywize Terms and Conditions.

2. No fee for submission of the Claim

Flywize pursues the Claim free of charge and does not charge anything if the Flight Compensation is not recovered from the flight operating carrier (airline).

3. Flywize Service fee

If the Claim is successful and the Flight Compensation received, the agreed part of the Flight Compensation will be deducted from the Flight Compensation paid by the airline.

Flywize service fee:

  • If Flywize is successful with providing Justice as a Service and the Client receives Flight Compensation, Flywize is entitled to its Service Fee, which will be deducted from Flight Compensation.
  • For all Claims, the Service Fee is 35% of the received Flight Compensation, non-including applicable VAT.

4. Legal Proceedings

If settlement agreement with the airline is not reached or in other cases, when the Flight Compensation recovery process would be more effective and (or) quicker, Flywize will initiate Legal Proceedings and will be entitled to the increased service fee in order to cover additional costs of the Legal Proceedings (e.g. court fees, translation costs, attorney fees, administrative costs).

The Legal Action Fee is only charged, if Legal Action was necessary to provide successful Justice as a Service and will be deducted from your Flight Compensation in addition to the Service Fee.

The Legal Action Fee is 15% of the received Flight Compensation, non-including applicable VAT.

5. Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is established by the law and will be specified according to the law.

This document was last updated on November 21, 2022.